Thursday, March 17, 2011

Next Up: The Eyre Affair

Katie has chosen The Eyre Affair for our April book!

Despite being written in 2001, The Eyre Affair takes place in an alternate version of 1985 where the Crimean War has waged for hundreds of years and time-travel - and much stranger things - are commonplace.  The story follows a female protagonist named Thursday Next who is a "Literatec Operative," meaning...she investigates literary crimes.  In this alternate reality, literature is taken as seriously (if not more) than religion...for example "Baconites" go door to door trying to convince people that it was Bacon who actually wrote the plays attributed to Shakespeare.  As you may be able to guess, the literary crime in question involves Jane Eyre...for the rest of the story you'll have to read it yourself!  So let's get a thread started about when we want to meet up next :)